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Jug Canister
By Bobmullins Item # 139289
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This 3 piece jug canister is made by cutting a one gallon glass jug into 3 equal parts. We then finish the edges to a smooth finish.
The glass is mounted onto a 7 1/4 inch circle wood base that we cut a groove in for the glass to sit in. The glass on top rests in the groove and forms a lift off dome lid that is great for coffee filters, cheese dome, etc. The middle  is attached to the wood base and will  hold almost anything you can think of to put in it. The bottom is sold glass and fits into the groove on the under side of the middle. the bottom will also hold almost anything you put in it.

There is one thing you will find out about this canister set that no other set will offer. The wood is furniture grade dry white pine. It has a moisture content of about 4% and acts as a de-humidifier. You will never have mold or mildew of any kind with this set.

This form of storage for food started in the American Colonies in the 1600's and still works great today.

Item Keywords:
canister,food storage,glass, dry storage,kitchen decor,

Materials Used:
wood,glass,cork, leather

7 inches d x 7 inches x 12 inches
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