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Snowflake Keepsake Box
By Raeconcrete Item # 139324
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This Snowflake Keepsake Box is handmade out of concrete. The simplistic lines and festive accent make a great addition to a snowy interior decor. This will arrive at your door packaged in such a way that is ready to go as a gift or as a delightful pick-me-up for yourself! Concrete is 100% eco-friendly and sustainable. It is hewn from rock and the earth, ground into a fine powder, mixed with a few other raw components, the most important being water, and then mixed and allowed to set, wherever it is needed. In its raw state concrete powder is environmentally friendly, as it is of the environment itself – a natural component.

Item Keywords:
snow, snowflake, concrete, box, keepsake, gift, hostess, christmas, jewelry, teacher

Materials Used:
concrete, acrylic

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