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Maple Leaf Gourd Vase
By Gourdartetc Item # 139526
Condition of item: New
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This to like my other Banana gourd vases have Carvings, mounted on a nice wooden base. Hand painted Maple leaves with Acrylic oils, each leaf has been hand carved. I will give group pricing to any one interested in purchasing multi groups. Just contact me by e-mail.

Item Keywords:
Maple leaf gourd vase, gourds, Vases, Maple leafs, Fall leafs Golden leafs, Gourd carvings, Home decor,Wedding gifts,

Materials Used:
Gourds, Acrylic oils, Wood burning tools, Carving tools, Wooden bases

Shipping Cost : $8.50
Shipping Method: USPS
Will Ship From: Black Eagle, Montana, Us
Will Ship Within: 1-2 Business Days
Get to Know: Gourdartetc Member Since: 11/10/2016
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