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Realistic Flower Mug
By Nataliamarly Item # 145815
Condition of item: New
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Cute mugs, pretty flower team mug, Handmade mugs, Personalized mugs, Polymer clay design, Custom mug, Coffee mugs, Unique design mug TEAM: MUG, saucer, . Decor from polymer clay glued to the porcelain mug, so you can use the mug as usual. Wash with warm water by hand, do NOT put in the microwave and dishwasher. Please pay attention to time of delivery, if you need your package to any date!

Item Keywords:
wedding, personalized mugs, polymer clay design, custom mug, coffee mugs, unique design mug, cup, mug

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Shipping Cost : $18.00
Shipping Method: Standart Shipping
Will Ship From: Konya, Konya, Turkey
Will Ship Within: 1-2 Weeks
Get to Know: Nataliamarly Member Since: 04/02/2017
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