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Nautical Vintage Mason Jar Lantern
By Winklesintime Item # 147024
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A netted, pint-sized vintage (1923-1933) Ball mason jar lantern, embellished with a real knobby starfish and both sea glass and howlite beads. The netting is made with 100% natural hemp cord and fastened to a coconut shell o-ring. A natural red abalone shell and a flickering LED tea candle light occupy the jar. Enjoy the subtle, soothing glow of the candle as it reflects off of the blue glass, illuminating the turtles gliding along the jar's surface. This hanging jar lantern is made of all natural materials, with the exception of the LED tea candle light. For Your Safety: If you decide to use a real candle in place of the LED light, you MUST remove the zinc lid for proper ventilation

Item Keywords:
Mason jar, Lantern, Nautical decor, Wedding decor, Vintage Ball mason jar, Candle holder, Macrame

Materials Used:
Sea glass beads, howlite beads, hemp cord, Vintage blue ball jar, zinc Ball lid, LED candle light, red abalone shell, knobby starfish, coconut shell, stone granules

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