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Walk Along
By Audreyh127 Item # 147500
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Two elastic belt to be worn on waist to keep you connected to the other person children or adult The Walk along belt is a 2-Way Safety belt multi colors can be used while strolling with your toddler or in a shopping cart. It goes around the child's waist and secures with an elastic that stretches from one person to the other. It is adjustable to fit children of all sizes. The wide waist band closure straps make it comfortable and easy to use as you walk along side each other. The Walk Along assures your child is never more than three feet away from you at all times. The connecting elastic strap is equipped with a buckle that attaches to each of the sfor quick conversion into a shopping cart safety belt. Ideal for use in airport, park, mall, theme park, or grocery store. Lightweight and sturdy.

Item Keywords:
Elastic, stretchable, belt, walk, safety

Materials Used:
Elastic. stretchable material

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