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Bulletin Board Business Card Holders
By Xarchst Item # 147743
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Handmade Bulletin Board Business Card Holders are attractive, functional and inexpensive.


These card holders are designed to catch a person's eye. When placed on a busy bulletin board, they stand out in the crowd. The backgrounds are colorful but designed to enhance your business card.


While others are leaving one or two cards on a bulletin board, you can leave between 20-25 cards. The holders have two positions to display your cards, they are easy to pin to bulletin boards and allow easy access to your cards.


They are made of  cardboard and wood, which makes them inexpensive allowing you to put them up and leave them. If you decided not to pin them to bulletin boards, place them in your office. They make a wonderful conversation piece and will add to the decor of your office.

Item Keywords:
Business cards, bulletin board, art, handmade,

Materials Used:
Cardboard, wood

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Bulletin Board Business Card Holders
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Bulletin Board Business Card Holders
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Xarchst $4.99