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Sketch Book | 3d Tree, Gift Idea, Leath
This blank sketchbook is covered in thin leather and features a raised 3D image of a tree with colorful fruit among it's branches. It measures 8 1/2...
by: cutismaximus
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Listed on: 04.30.2017
Price: $23.90
Hardcover Paperbag Journal
by: stitchedgoweli
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Listed on: 04.13.2017
Price: $25.00
Blue Butterfly Journal
Colorful 50 page teal blue butterfly journal
by: stitchedgoweli
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Listed on: 03.14.2017
Price: $15.00
Pattern Pink-and-turquoise Fantasy
by: HappyCrochetArt
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Listed on: 03.01.2017
Price: $8.00
Creating Gem, Beaded & Bonsai Wire Trees
"CREATING Gem, Beaded & Bonsai WIRE TREES" by Sal Villano This book is the result of more than three years of work. My inspiration for writing my t...
by: Villano
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Listed on: 03.15.2017
Price: $15.99
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